Connect with mobile audiences in the physical world and, finally, provide a true campaign attribution.

21% The programs that connect OOH ads with a mobile campaign had a 21% open rate with a conversion rate of 12% (visiting a store).

* Typical mobile campaign conversion rate 1% or less. Source: Monatate, Q1 2014

Dynamically change the creativity to involve specific mobile audiences in real time. Extract the inherent value of your out-of-home (OOH) locations by measuring the true physical attribution and taking advantage of high-quality information to generate revenue.

The Data Business International platform can help you:

  • Improve the marketing efforts of buyers through a better understanding of a consumer's journey.

  • Promote sales in the store by pushing the engagements in mobile phones based on proximity with enabled beacons.

  • Demonstrate the benefits of incorporating OOH into media campaigns.

  • Connect with mobile applications, brands and advertisers.

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